Britney and Justin-Engagement

The way he looked at her, and the way she smiled back at him, I knew that they were totally in love. Or maybe it was the way they so naturally wrapped their arms around each other without hesitation, but whatever it was, it was obvious that the chemistry was there. When two people connect, you can feel it even when you don’t know them. They said that they fell in love by accident, that at first it was just an ordinary friendship. But little did they know a fairytale was about to emerge from where they least expected it. Just a girl from Massachusetts, and a boy from North Carolina, both found each other on this little island we all call home. 

From the second that I met Britney and Justin, they were all laughs and giggles. Taking pictures, is not exactly fun for the guys, so I always try to make sure I keep their job as easy as possible. When I had him look at her, it was the look of love, and when she smiled at him it was electrifying. I always ask my clients to say something either something super silly or something provocative to get them to let out a real smile. And I’m not sure what it was that Justin said, but whatever it was it made Britney light up. My goal is to preserve that moment, so when they go back whether it be in 1 year or 10 years, they can look at that picture and be able to remember that feeling they felt at that exact moment in time. 

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