Hillary and Vincent-Pregnancy Announcement

As a photographer, I cherish pictures. I cherished them even before I was a photographer, I have just always felt that a picture means so much. We carry these pictures around with us whether it be in our wallets, or now on our phones. These pictures go everywhere with us as a constant reminder how important that person in the image was. Memories fade, but a picture remains forever. 

When Hillary and Vince shared with me the wonderful news of their pregnancy, I was completely overjoyed. Even though I do not have children of my own yet, I can image the skipping of a heart beat when they heard their own baby’s heart beat for the first time. That first picture of their child will remain an important treasure in their lives forever. This was the first picture of the little one that would change their lives forever. 

So when they asked me to help announce this to the world for them, I almost cried because of the joy I instantly felt. I knew that they trusted me to help make a treasured memory of this day together. When I saw them a few hours after the ultrasound, you could feel the mix of still being shocked and also the joy that they were about to embark on a new journey in their lives. What a wonderful day it was to share with these two.

Congratulations Hillary and Vincent!

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