Trip Chauret: Guam High School Senior C/o 2016

Walking down the halls of a high school again, and standing looking over a football field and track that used to be my Friday night routine every single week. The rush of the roaring crowd under the stadium lights, its a feeling that I’ll never forget. Being a senior in high school is such a bitter sweet time in a person’s life. From the time you take your first step in as a freshman, to the time you take your last step out, with all of the memories in between, are some of the most amazing days of your life. 

“You can catch more flies with honey, but you can catch more honeys being fly”, is the quote I received when I asked what Trip’s senior quote would be. From the short time I was around him I could easily tell that this kid has a pretty good head on his shoulders. A christian student athlete, who is the apple of a lot of college’s eye across the country, he was only a day away from signing an offer to play football somewhere. I could feel the excitement, and when his mom and dad talked about it, I could see how proud they were. He came to this session with countless track and field metals, along with a trophy that accessorized his track and football uniforms.

The reason I wanted to start working with seniors and doing their senior portraits is because I really wanted to take the time to have a session that reflected who they were at this time in their life. Looking through Trip’s session I feel so accomplished because I feel like shows off who is he right now. In 5 years from now, that goofy kid will be a college graduate(hopefully) and creating a life of his very own. These moments right now are the moments to treasure and remember forever.  


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