Hillary Schauder|Maternity at Marbo Caves

A pregnant lady, a hairdresser, a photographer, a toddler and a friend all pile into a Tahoe. Sounds like some kind of odd joke right, but it was the foundation of a hilarious maternity session. I love to laugh and have fun during my sessions, I say things to get people to open up and be themselves, but todays session was natural all on its own. As we bumped around the unknown areas wondering where we were, we laughed out of sheer confusion(I maybe even snorted a few times) as there were so many forks in the road and we didn’t know which one to take.  Thank god I went on this adventure with Hillary because she was so laid back and really enjoyed the adventure at 33 weeks pregnant, anyone else would have cussed me, but hey at least her pictures turned out great. Sometimes you just have to experiment with people you trust at new locations. 


In all seriousness, Hillary came to me back when she first found out she was pregnant and asked me to be there through it all, pregnancy announcement, maternity and newborn. Maternity sessions are all about capturing the beauty. What a womans body is capable of doing is remarkable, and its so important to capture that. Hillary glowed with excitement as she knew I was going to be giving her a maternity session that really showed how beautiful she was. We also included her first son Luther, man is he a ham. He hugged his mommy and his little brother inside her belly, it warmed my heart seeing a bond being created not only with mother and child, but also with brother and child, and this is going to be a best friend for life. 


We did Hillary’s session at a location I had never been to before, hints the wild adventure, but thankfully I had a team of ladies with me who had been to help. On Guam I am blessed with beautiful beaches, but today we did them by the cliffs at Marbo Caves. A remarkable location with so much color contrast that I was in heaven, then we were able to switch it up a bit and head to a more relaxed location that included a field of tall grass. She wore a dress by Sew Trendy Accessories and it only added to the beauty of this entire session. 


Even though I do not have children of my own, I love love love maternity sessions, they fascinate me. I am so overwhelmed by the experience of witnessing the miracle of life and being able to capture that just makes all the reasons I got into photography that much more meaningful. 


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