Why you should UNPLUG technology at a wedding

Lets talk weddings, the biggest and most exciting day of your life thus far, the one you have been planning for months, maybe even years. The stress and anxiety of making sure everything is perfect and that the day goes smoothly is enough to drive you crazy. Of course, your family is just as excited as you are to share in this joyous event with you, they have watched your grow up and grow in love with the person you are about to marry, so its natural they are just as excited as you are.

As I photographer, I love the idea of love and fairytales, I love seeing people’s emotions exposed as they are saying their vows, its that true raw moment that I love capturing. That moment is often ruined by technology today. Our society loves capturing and sharing everything, and with the handheld devices of our cellphones it makes sharing so much easier than ever before. For a photographer, that is our worst nightmare to have at a wedding. As a photographer we are hired to do one job, to capture the special moments of your big day, to preserve that moment in time so you can remember it forever. Weddings are stressful on a photographer already because the expectations are high and with things like Pinterest and The Knot fueling ideas of the images brides want at a wedding, we are expected to fulfill those requests to the best of our abilities, and the last thing you want is people photobombing your big day. 

It is very important to tell your guests to stay out of the way of the photographer, we do not want to dodge your guests who have their cellphones way up high and as close as they can be to you so they can get pictures of the big day that you hired your photographer to do for you. We have to move around and get different shots, and dodging your guests around every corner or even nudging some to get out of the way so you can get a shot for the bride and groom is not an ideal situation for a photographer. The images that we once had in our head that we wanted to get are now ruined because of people who think that they are doing a better job than your photographer. 

Having a second photographer is normal at a wedding, having a second photographer that did not come with your exclusive photographer is not normal. Photographers do not like showing up to a wedding and seeing that someone else has their fancy camera out and ready to start shooting. Be honest and open with your photographer as you express your wishes, and if that includes a second photographer have them communicate so they can come up with a game plan to capture images without being in the way of each other. 

For some people, they only get married once, so these pictures are priceless things they will treasure forever. If you are getting married soon or plan on getting married, consider expressing to your guests that you are hiring a photographer to capture your images for you and that if you must take your own please do it in your seat with the flash off and to not get in the way of the photographer. Every photographer wants the perfect images to give back to their clients, but we cant do that if people are in the way.


The Ninja Photographer

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