Lily Sue|An evening of creative learning

As a photographer, you often have the urge to branch out of your comfort zone, but for reasons such as being afraid, you wont. Then you’ll do the things you’re only comfortable with, and you’ll never grow. We are scared to break out of that level of comfort because of the reaction we may receive from our fans. Some may hate it, others may love it, but how can we ever really see what we are capable of doing unless we push ourselves, make ourselves feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, and question what we are doing. Not only that, we become familiar with our workflow, each session is the same. We do same poses, we do the same editing, and then we are done. Sure we may grow in a way that we improve the same thing from being dull to spectacular. But are we able to grow in a way that makes us a more well rounded photographer. 

Personally I have broken out of my comfort zone many times. I am comfortable on the beach during golden hour, thats my jam. So when I decided to experiment with different outdoor settings I was scared, but Im so glad that I did because I realized that I love a more green and lush surrounding. Thankfully Guam has so many opportunities for beautiful landscapes, but because its a tropical island, we forget that there is more than just the beach to photograph at. 

When I asked Lily’s mom, Amber, if I could borrow her daughter, I knew what kind of vision I had and what I was going for. I wanted a carefree session, something that showed off personality. I knew I wanted to play around with colors and editing, thats why each picture you see will be edited a little differently so I could experiment with skills I knew I had just have never put to use. Lily Sue is such a sassy, silly and fun girl to be around, and I feel like her session really shows that. 

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