Jessica White|Maternity Session


When I met Jessica it was over a year and a half ago when she hired me to watch her son during the day. Since then I have seen her several times a week, and watched her son grow. When she told me she was pregnant, my heart almost exploded with joy. I have watched Jessica’s belly grow into the perfect baby bump. When she found out that it was a girl, and I bit into the cupcake I cried because I was so excited! I have said it so many times, but pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life even though it doesnt always have those glamorous moments. It is my job to make sure that capture those beautiful moments and really boost the confidence of the mom who’s expecting. Jessica was hesitant about maternity pictures, but I am so glad that she trusted me to capture this moment for her. We found the perfect gown and the perfect location, and the rest all fell into place. While shooting I knew that I was capturing what was going to really boost her confidence in herself these last few weeks before she meets her baby girl. And thats what its all about <3