Schoko Atkins|Tarague Trails

There is no doubt that I love my job. Capturing memories, moments and emotions is what I love most about photography. Like many families, they want to include their furbaby in their session. Being a dog mom of two, I completely understand wanting them included in your family pictures, after all they are family. I first got word that Michi wanted family pictures through a friend who wanted to gift part of her session. What a sweet gift to give someone, this friend obviously knew the importance of pictures and memories. What I didnt know was the circumstances. Once the gift was given, Michi contacted me to set a date and it is then that she told me that they wanted the session centered around their dog, Schoko. Schoko, a member of the Atkins family for ten years, received some sad news about his health. This weighed on my heart, and I absolutely wanted to make sure that their session was perfect. Upon meeting this sweet family, I could see just how important this member of their family was to them. Not only has he been in their life for 10 years, think about that 10 years. 10 years of moving, adjustments, there when times were rough and there when times were good. The only dog their daughter has known. **go ahead and grab the tissues**

This is love.

This is a family.

This is mans best friend.