Molly & Peter|Anni Powell Photography

Upon meeting Molly and Peter at our location, I could instantly tell that they were going to be a fun couple to work with. Molly and I had emailed back and forth about their session, discussed dress attire, shared Pinterest boards for ideas, locations, and if it was ok for them to bring their furbaby Penny. When families ask if they can bring their furbabies, I always say yes!

Our location which was Sirena Beach, was a bit cloudy than the normal, but this is my favorite location.. as you can tell from the majority of my images. It is rainy season here still on Guam, so the overcast skies are the normal this time of year, and I cant complain because I actually dont mind a nice overcast sky on some occassions, and it seemed to fit for Molly and Peters couple session.

One of my favorite things that I love when working with couples is having the one on one time with them to help preserve the love that they have for one another in the pictures that they take. As I was photographing Peter and Molly, it was quite clear that the love that they share for one another is genuine. Every time he kissed her, Molly’s smile transformed into a smile that says, “Im in love with this man”. Even looking through their images now, I can feel the love. The way he looked at her, and teh way she looked at him, pure bliss <3

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