Backyard Adventures

Macro Monday anyone? Ok, maybe it wont start trending but I thought it sounded cool.

Lately, like most people who work in creative arts, sometimes we go through periods of times where we are stumped. Everything is repetitive, and we are desperately looking for new concepts to bust out of the slump and find that little bit of sparkle that makes us remember why we love what we do so much.

To switch things up a bit, I put on my macro lens and went to town. Actually, I went to my backyard to see what all I could find that made my ordinary backyard become a macro wonderland of amazing details that I look past each day. What I saw was nothing less than extraordinary. Its amazing what you can see when you open up your eyes, or lens to really take in what surrounds you every day and how truly beautiful this world can be. We overlook so much that is around us that nature has created, the curves and colors, the tiny movements and details that are so minute that we tend to walk past every day without a second look.

These shots were challenging which made me want them even more. Some subjects were moving, others I had to deal with movement from the wind. I had to stay squatted for a few minutes at the angle I wanted while waiting for the right moment to happen when my focus point became clear.. then snap snap snap. Its the challenge that makes it great and rewarding. Some people deal with creative road blocks differently, but I find that I strive more when I do something that is challenging, and makes me work for it. It took me a few days longer than expected to put this blog together, as I was organizing what I would include, I kept going back out and thinking to myself, “oh that would look great with this one shot”, and continued that pattern until I felt like I had what I needed.

Am I out of my creative roadblock, eh, maybe.. maybe not. But I will say that my perception has changed, to stop and really SEE what is around me. My backyard is actually quite plain, but when you look up close, there’s so much beauty that meets the eye.

Note to my neighbors: If Ive weirded you out the past few days walking around the yard with a big camera strapped to me, I hope this cleared up that question of ‘what the hell is she doing’ thoughts. I promise Im not that strange, just looking at the finer details in life 🙂

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