Nikki and Andrew|Tarague Beach|Guam Couples Photographer

The first session of 2017 I feel like is something that sets the mood for the rest of the year, its like a peak into the future of how amazing the year will be. What makes this feeling even greater is when you have a couple who is truly, madly, deeply in love with each other.. and let me just say it showed <3

Nikki contacted me back in 2016 to set up a couples session with her and her husband, we talked outfits, locations and all the necessary things to make sure that their session was a success. We decided on Tarague Beach here on Guam. It is one of my favorite beaches for sessions.

Right off the bat, these two had no problem being close in front of the camera. If you have worked with me in the past, you know I always say “get closer to each other”. This was not a problem for these two at all. As they held each other close, they nuzzled into each other making the intimate shots absolutely breath taking. Andrew would look at Nikki in between the different shots or kiss her without me cueing it, and let me just say, I am so glad that I am shutter happy. Capturing the way he looked at her was truly amazing.

They truly make my job so easy <3

Showing Andrew and Nikki their pictures for the first time was so rewarding to me, while editing their session, I kept thinking to myself how I could not pick a favorite and I hope that they would love them just as equally. While showing them their slide show of images, they both sat in “awe”, amazed how their session turned out. That is one of the reasons I love doing gallery reveals, because I love to see the way people react to their images, and how much they love them. It makes what I do that much more worth it to me.

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