The Green Family|Family Session

When I first met Brittney and her cute family, it was to capture her sons first birthday. I instantly fell in love this this handson little man! So when we discussed a family session before they left island, I was more than happy to get them scheduled.

Guam has beautiful beaches, but when you have lived here for 3+ years, you kinda want to branch out and do other locations. She expressed that she wanted something with a bit more greenery, and I love mixing it up so I went location scouting. I found this little area that had a huge tree that cast losts of shade so we were not in direct sunlight. It could not have been more perfect for their little family.

Their family session was so much fun. I love working with families that have children in the stage where they are discovering things around them and just want to roam around, so thats exactly what we let her son do, and while he was exploring(of course close by, not like playing in the streets) I was able to not only capture him enjoying himself by discovering the new location he was in, but also snapped a few of mom and dad. I always try to make sure that I get some of the parents alone, because its always the mother or the father taking pictures at events, so how often do they get pictures together without the kiddos.

Its always sad knowing that the pictures I take of a family will be their last set on Guam, but at the same time I am always so excited for the new adventures that every family is about to embark on. So while I am sad to see this family leave, I am very excited(and slightly jealous of their new location).

But something that they can take with them is the memory and photographs they had while on Guam as their little family grew.

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