Destiny-Senior Portrait|Whidbey Island Photographer

I promised myself that 2017 was going to really jump-start my career and photography business, after a few years of shooting everything from newborns to families and all in between, except Senior Portraits. We recently found out we were heading to Whidbey Island, Washington next, so it was important to me to work on my specialities. It was not until I began talking to my little sister, a who graduates highschool this year(can’t believe I’m getting old) about her own Senior Portraits. Of course being 8,000 miles away on an island in the Pacific didn’t really give me the opportunity to do them for her. But then I began thinking how I didnt really have any inquires for Senior Portraits at all.

After thinking about it, I decided to do a model call and hoped the interest would follow. It did, and I found Destiny(I guess it was destiny haha, get it). Right away I wanted to meet with her and her mom to discuss what my intentions were with the model call, the ideas I had and what they envisioned as well. We got busy right away planning outfits, locations and our entire line up of what we would do.

Destiny brought along her little sister with her when we did her senior portraits which made the whole experience of that day so much fun and I was even able to photograph them together. It warmed my heart seeing sisters be so close to each other. We laughed, we hugged Japanese tourists who probably thought these two girls were models, ran in the middle of the street, and sweated because lets face it, its HOT here! Basically we had a blast! It was a perfect way to begin working with graduating seniors.

And what was even better news that I discovered is that I have the opportunity to continue working with Destiny and her family as we are all heading to Whidbey Island, Washington.

Thats right, if you didn’t already know, Anni Powell Photography is moving to Whidbey Island, Washington in just a few short months where I will continue to work with graduating seniors! I am sooo looking forward to all that it has to offer but a blog on that will come later 🙂

**Wanna know more about my move to Whidbey Island. Click Here!


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