Brittney and Scott|Couples Session|Whidbey Island Photographer

I first met Brittney because our husbands work at the same command together, but it wasnt until she asked me to do her homecoming pictures that I really got to know her. Brittney is such an energetic, strong and motivating woman, and although I didnt know Scott at this time I knew that he was equally as wonderful to be around. After their homecoming session back over the summer, Brittney expressed that she wanted couple’s pictures done. Of course, I was happy she asked! Britney has been such a wonderful supporter of good photography and helping me get my name out there for Whidbey Island.

The day of our session, it was windy. The wind is something I have gotten used to here, but of course i know my clients probably do not want wind blown hair in every image, so I bring hairspray and bobbypins along JUST IN CASE 😉 I always advise my clients to wear a dress or skirt because of the wind, that way when it blows they look magestic (magestic is my word lately, I will use it alot especially referring to something that could result in magic in front of the camera). When Brittney and Scott got out of the car, they came in something bold. I didnt expect any less! Brittneys gold skirt totally showed off her personality, and while Scott’s pink button up complimented her gold and grey well.

During their entire session, anytime I asked them to kiss or have Scott look at Brittney, it was so amazing watching them just glow, these still newly weds couldnt help but grin at each other, which of course made my heart completley melt.


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