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If you follow me, you will remember a blog post about a maternity session where we unintentionally went off roading not knowing how we ended up riding through rough trails of Guam, but ended up with some epic pictures so the journey was worth it! Fast forward a year later.. I am so glad that I was able to work with the Schauder family before they left, and before I left for Whidbey Island. Ive become so close to all my families here that I am sad to see them all go.. but its the military so we must go on!

Hillary and her family are always a blast to be around, and it makes my job photographing them so much fun! Ive worked with Hillary and her family a few times, starting with a pregnancy announcement, then maternity, mommy and me and now to capture their final memories on Guam before they head off to their next adventure. So when realizing this, I couldn’t believe how much they have all grown, and of course how much I have grown as a photographer, so it was truly an honor to do this one last session for them. I hope that when I move to Whidbey Island, that I am able to create the same relationships with my future clients.

I’ve been saying that alot, last session together on Guam. I’ve had so many clients who have been with me from the very beginning when I was just a girl with a camera with big dreams. Its families like The Schauder’s who have helped shaped me into the photographer I am now. ┬áI can only hope that when moving to Whidbey┬áIsland, Washington that I will continue to make these relationships with my clients!

** ok.. enough with that sappy nonsense

What makes family sessions even more fun is when grandparents are on island. The kids are a little more playful and the grandparents get to share in the experience of the behind the scenes as well as being in front of the camera.

We had a beautiful day together, a bit windy, but by this point in the game, as long as our session isnt rained out, I can handle the wind. Our session had many laughs, hugs, dinosaur bones and checking out crabs.

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