Chloe|Senior Portraits

I love when I get the chance to work with other photographers, and it is so nice being able to get the opporunity before moving to Whidbey Island, and working in the Seattle area. Once a month, a group of us local family photographers here on Guam get together and share tips, tricks, and have shootouts that are so much fun. If you are a photographer and you dont have photographer friends, you’re missing out! Not only are they your biggest fans, but sometimes they are the only ones who just “get it”. I love seeing what other photographers can produce from the same lighting and same subject to show off how truly different our styles are.

This month we had two set ups, a “senior” girl and a couple. Since I have been working on building up my Senior Portrait portfolio before I move to Whidbey Island, I spent every opportunity I could with Chloe so that I could work on posing, angles and lighting. My goal is to work more with graduating seniors (hint hint to all the 2018 seniors around Whidbey Island)

I knew right away I wanted to go for a more golden look with her, especially after knowing she was having a small floppy hat. The light in the spring/summer months here is so perfect. It lets off such a glow that I love capturing!

Chloe took direction very well, probably because her mom is a photographer too, (Erica Farwell Photography) and so of course it comes second hand, making my job pretty easy. And I couldnt complain about the nice golden light I had hoped for, that I had coming through that seemed to just tie together everything pretty well.

Other photographers who participated in this shootout was: Myrna Loy Photography, Erica Farwell Photography, Boom Photography, Q&J Photography, Kelsey Wilson Photography. Go check out their work to see the different variations in styles!


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