Im moving to Whidbey Island, Washington|Seattle Photographer

I hopping from little Guam in the Pacific, to another island in the Pacific North West, more specifically Whidbey Island, Washington. Going from one beautiful area to another, but completely opposite sceneries. I plan to work in the surround area of Whidbey Island, including Seattle as well!

This is a move that I am very excited about. I always said that I would be happy no matter where we went after Guam, but I think most can agree that you cant get any better than Washington State.

I have done my fair research on the Pacific North West before we even knew that’s where we were going, and it was just on the list as potential places to go. When my husband told me that is where we would be going, I was ecstatic! All the lush greenery, crisp fall air, beautiful spring time blooms, gorgeous summers and not too harsh winters. I love being outside, and although I have not explored Guam as much as I thought ( I blame a crazy school schedule, a constantly deployed husband and crazy heat) I am excited to get out more and explore all that Washington has to offer.

It truly seems like a photographers paradise! And Whidbey Island seems like such a cute small little island. I am from a small town, so being able to still have a small town atmosphere is important to me. I am excited to play around with more greenery, dont get me wrong, I adore the beaches here on Guam, but I think as a creative, we must always be experimenting with new ideas and locations, which makes being a photographer and a military spouse a good thing because our gypsy creative souls get to travel all over.

Of course, with all the excitement comes a topic I am nervous about.. that is moving my business. As a military wife, we are expected to move around with our spouse and give up a lot. I am so thankful for my career in photography because it allows me to move my business where ever we go. This will be my first time moving it, and although I am nervous, I am super excited to bring my light and bright work to Whidbey Island and meet new people and reconnect with old clients (gotta love the military).

I day dream a lot about photographing on Whidbey Island, and the areas around it.

Where will my favorite location be?

How will my style adapt to my location?

Who are the new people I will meet along the way?

What kind of opportunities will happen for me living in the area?

I am a creative, a dreamer and a do-er. The possibilities truly seem endless right now as I prepare for this amazing move. I still plan to photograph family portraits, couple sessions, engagement sessions and senior portraits.. Something new I am considering is elopements/small weddings/destination weddings, so if you are reading this and plan to get married and don’t have a photographer, I might know someone who’s interested 🙂

I plan to begin taking clients starting September 1st! 

As much excitement as I have for moving to Washington State, I am saddened to leave our little island under the sun. Guam has been such a wonderful home to us, and it is where I truly began this photography journey of mine, and met so many countless amazing people and for that I will forever be grateful. If you are one of those amazing people, then know that if it wasn’t for you, I would not be where I am today.

With that being said, things will be slowing down here on Guam. I will be closing shop and focusing on our move starting July 25th, it’ll be hard to do this as I’ve literally never gone longer than 2 weeks without a session, but I think it’ll be a good thing to take that break and focus on the move. I am so excited to begin scheduling sessions and collaborating with people when I get there. The count down is officially on!


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