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One of the many joys a photographer has, is the ability to freeze a moment, and to preserve someone exactly the way they are right in that moment of time. This is why I love Senior Portraits so much because I have the ability to freeze such an important transition time in a persons life.

When I think about my little sisters, I think about how I knew them when they were younger, the crazy hair and outfits, the annoying little things that would steal my stuff. I never see them being any older to me than like 10 years old. My youngest sister came out to visit me before we moved off Guam and to Whidbey Island, and I was blown away with how much she has grown in the last 2 years since I have seen her. She was already turning into a young adult when I left, but when she came here.. man she was stunning. Claudia just graduated high school, and she worked hard to make her way out to Guam to see me 🙂 I think traveling is so important, so I am glad that she had the opportunity to leave our little town and see a different part of the world.

While she was out here, of course I had to have a session with her. She had already had Senior Portraits done back home that were stunning, but you cant be a photographer and not take pictures of your little sister.

Let me just be the first to say, when you photograph your own family, the way you do all your clients, its very surreal. You think to yourself, “theres no way this is my little sister, she looks way too grown up”. But then you realize that is how the rest of the world see’s them.

I always say one of the reasons why I love photographing senior portraits is because I feel like I can connect with this age, and so as I expected, Claudia’s session with me was so easy to do. Not only did she make my job super easy because she’s gorgeous, but it just all came very easy. I wish that we had planned a beach session too, but I dont know if any one reading this has teenagers, but they take forever to get ready! So instead of bombarding her with a ton of photography sessions, we planned one and made the best out of it and she rocked every second of it!

We styled her in a cute little blush pink jumper, a floppy hat and heels. I always tell all of my clients to wear minimal jewelry because it can become distracting. We kept hers to a minimum with the three layered necklace. Claudia also did me a favor by keeping her makeup subtle. I think it is so important to not make teenagers look any older than what they really are, and this absolutely includes my little sister for her Senior Portraits.

I am already mentally planning her trip to Whidbey Island, and I can’t wait to see what kind of beauty we can create there!


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