M Family Homecoming

Homecomings, every one is different but each one the same. The adrenaline rushes as the final moments of missing your loved one is over. It seems like the longest hour of deployment is waiting to greet your loved ones. So many families experience the same feelings throughout a deployment; sadness, hardships, uphill battles and finally the downhill of it all. It all spiralsĀ into a whirlwind of emotions wondering if everything is perfect for this exact moment.

NAS Whidbey Island is home to many sailors who sacrifice their time and their lives to fight for the ones they love. This is true for the M Family. As I got to know Jenn and her family before their big moment, I found out that deployments and time away from her husband was something she was all too familiar with. Her girls, however, this was the longest they have gone without their dad. The strength of this family and what they have endured throughout the last half year tells a lot. Each girl, held their composure but their hearts filled with excitement as they saw the jets fly over. It was almost too much to bare, as they watched their dad land and patiently waited for him to put two feet on the ground so they could run to him.

As I watched these three run up to their hero, the emotions took over and I was so thankful I was able to capture these moments for this family. Homecomings are special, no doubt about that. I am so glad that Jenn asked me to be apart of her special day. These moments are memories her and her family are going to treasure forever.

Freedom is not free. Our military sacrifices so much each and every day to keep our country the nation that it is. Welcome home to the Wolves! We thank you for your service.

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