Rachel + Jon|Engagement Session

When Rachel and Jon hired me to be their engagement and wedding photographer, I was over the moon. With amazing clear days here in the Pacific North West, we wanted to capture that gorgeous light we have been having. When discussing locations, Rachel told me how she had seen sessions photographed on Vashon Island, at the light house located at Point Robinson ParkĀ . After doing a quick search, I loved the location as well, and without disappointment this location was AMAZING!

Rachel asked me during the planning if she could bring their corgi with them since he has been a big part of their relationship. If you know me, you know I will NEVER say no to an animal being included. I have been bit by dogs before, but still welcome them with open arms to a session.

I traveled from Whidbey Island to Seattle for the day so I could capture these two love birds. Traveling for sessions is something that I truly do not mind. I just turn up the radio and jam out putting myself in the mood for a session. Our trip over on the ferry was quicker than expected, but once we made it over to the park, it had everything a photographer could want. Good light-Check. Variety of backdrops-check. We did have to battle the wind and cold. It may not look like it, but we were freezing our butts off through out the entire session. That did not stop these two from embrassing the conditions, and being super cute. After being together for 8 years, they still showed so much love for each other. And why wouldnt they? They are living the dream <3

They are getting married this summer and I am so excited to be their wedding photographer and capture the best day of their life as they meet each other to spend forever together!

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